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Scout Package | Cylinder Stoves for Sale for Wall Tents

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Scout Package With Grate

$ 379.00 $ 329.00

This is a genuine USA made Cylinder Stoves brand wood burning tent stove! Ideal for pyramid tents or small canvas wall tents where space is limited. Small like a potbelly stove but with the added ability to heat water and more room to cook on.

Package Includes:

  • 4” Stove Pipe
  • Warming Tray
  • 1.1 g. Water Heater
  • 4” Nesting Stovepipe
  • Spark Arrestor
  • Stovepipe Damper
  • 42 lbs.
  • 4 lbs Grate
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Built in the mountains of Central Utah, Cylinder Stoves are crafted by hunting and camping folks who know what is expected of a good camp stove and have put them to the test in many different conditions, both ordinary and extreme. Since it’s beginnings in 1989 Cylinder Stoves has been committed to making better stoves by continually improving design and construction techniques. Today, Cylinder Stoves is a leading name among tent stoves because of our desire to produce the best product possible in both craftsmanship and performance, and do it at a reasonable price. Once you’ve seen a cylinder stove, it’s easy to see that our quality speaks for itself.


Made in the mountains of Central Utah to exacting specifications, every part of a Cylinder Stove and its accessories are designed to be easy to use, yet strong enough to LAST. All joints are completely welded, corners are rounded, and rough or sharp edges are ground smooth. The top and door are made of 10 gauge(.135) steel, the rest is made of 12 gauge(.105) steel and 14 gauge(.075) steel. The round cylinder is a rolled piece of steel, not a barrel or piece of pipe.



The top of the stove has braces welded underneath it to keep the cooking surface flat. The door has a square frame welded to the inside to keep it flat and insure a tight seal against the stove. The rounded cylinder allows the stove to expand and contract uniformly, virtually eliminating any warpage in the body of the stove. Ashes settle to the bottom of the round cylinder, keeping heat off tent floor and preventing stove burnout.


A welded construction ensures air-tight operation. You can stoke the stove full of wood at night and shut the damper down and get a nice even burn overnight. The 1/8″ steel used in Cylinder Stoves holds heat longer and gives off more radiant heat than a stove made of thinner sheet metal. More efficient fuel use means you will use less wood or coal and get more heat from what you use.

Weight 42 lbs


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