Where I came From… Where am I going

I was born in Dallas and moved to North Carolina when I was 4 years old.  My family is mostly from NC and so we moved back to be with them.  We built a house on my grandparents farm.  Back then they grew all kinds of fruits and vegetables. Over the years that has gotten smaller due to them getting older.

While my parents were at work I stayed with my grandparents.  The skills I learned from them during my youth I would not fully understand until much later in life.  My grandmother had 9 sisters that would come over and help in the gardeTop-Came-Fromn.  At the time they probably had 50 acres of land that was farmland.  My grandmother would had me out there with her at dawn.  I would go running up the hill while you could still see the misty dew hitting the ground, they would already be working hard.  They would hand me a hoe and I would get to work.  My grandmother was praised quite often for having such a clean garden and remember we are talking 50 acres.  Not a small garden like you picture today.

My grandfather plowed the fields and did all the machine work.  He is a what I call “a Frank of all trades”.  There wasn’t much he could not do.  If he did know how he would try anyway until it worked.  He had some inventions that people still can’t figure out how they work to this day!  I have had electricians tell me “that should not be working like that” but it does hahahaha.  My grandfather, Frank lives his life like the greatest currencies are kindness, fairness and humility.  He is a very happy man who worked hard but enjoyed every task, frustration and hurdle he had to jump.  This is a true patriarch like the ones you read of in the Holy Bible.  He show me the value of “good ol’ country know how”.  He taught me so much with hardly saying a word.  I watched him like a hawk!  I would even hold my breath sometimes and push my stomach out so it looked like his “fat belly” as grandma called it.  HaMiddle-Came-Fromhahaha He wore overalls all the time and so of course I wanted some too!  I still wear them today.

The story of my grandparents is one that would inspire and teach me for the rest of my life. I am still amazed today by them. At 91 and 92 wonderful years of age they are still just as loving and full of knowledge. They lived off the land. What they put into it they got back and respected it for that. The family was well taken care of by the harvest that came from that land. I am now living on the farm. I have been preparing the land to plant this year. It is such an exciting time for me. This year I have build a small house, I am getting married, starting an incredible company and now I get to put seed in the soil I grew up on! What an incredible journey and I want to share it all with you!

by russell_freeman

2 thoughts on “Where I came From… Where am I going

  1. Angela McKay says:

    Among your many talents and impressive life experiences, you are a talented writer that “paints” vivid pictures of “where you have been and where you intend to go.” Truly enjoyed your website and am interested in your products. I will gladly direct all my real estate clients to this site to investigate your work, as I sell properties in Missouri to folks who are looking for homesteading opportunities. In case you are wondering, I heard about your work from Michael Rood’s post which appeared on my wall this morning. Best of Luck in all your undertakings, and keep writing… seriously, I was touched with the emotion you convey to your readership and the integrity that shines through your serious work! ~Angela

  2. freemantents says:

    Thank you very much Angela! I love to write. I love to paint the pictures with words as well! Thank you for the support!

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